Solid project management and keen institutional knowledge can really make a difference in the performance of an informatics project. JMC works hard to maintain good relationships with clients and goes the extra mile to enable project success by ensuring that informatics projects are well planned and supported from beginning to end. With JMC, clients are a priority and are given the assistance, information and opportunities they need to accomplish IT and informatics projects, no matter how basic or complex."

Satisfied Client

We have had the privilege to work with team members of JMC for more than five years. We have worked with them on healthcare technology projects of national significance and are grateful for their involvement and leadership. We look forward to working on new challenges together in partnership."

Uber Operations Management

Jon Lipsky is excellent at communicating complex subject matter in an easy to understand and entertaining way. When Jon Lipsky gives a presentation, the audience is engaged, and able to comprehend and retain the material. He is reliable and honest."

Satisfied Client

have worked with the JMC team on many projects over the last 4 years and we couldn’t ask for a better partner. They are top-notch professionals who bring extensive public health, science and laboratory operations backgrounds to bear in our efforts to create great software solutions to our clients problems.

Garrett PetersonDirectory of Life Sciences Technology, Yahara Software