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Laboratories of all types have numerous assets including equipment, instruments, electronics, and specialized furniture.  Management of laboratory assets is an often-over-looked quality improvement area

  • Effective laboratory operations require Laboratory Administration to document the location and complete maintenance records for instruments that are part of the testing process.
  • Access to complete and accurate instrument documentation is critical for successful certification and accreditation.
  • Inefficient asset management wastes resources, staff time, and may result in unnecessary instrument down-time.

Smart Hub Labs is an easy-to-use, web-based, asset management system.

The ROI for Smart Hub Labs is very short given the inexpensive set-up and annual licensing costs.  Reports are available at the click of a button, providing a complete inventory report for all lab sites that include maintenance, calibration and warranty renewal schedules.


Having JMC integrate Smart Hub Labs into your laboratory is like hiring a team of employees dedicated to watching and managing every movement of your assets. It provides the analytics that allow your organization to maximize the utilization of your valuable assets.

  • Smart Hub Labs software will streamline the management of instruments and log daily lab operations across several analytical areas and lab sites
  • Laboratory instrumentation and equipment is often purchased using a variety of funding mechanisms including specific projects, grants, contracts and general funds. Managing that administrative complexity to answer fiscal report requests and accessing status records for grant reporting requirements are greatly simplified using Smart Hub Labs software
  • Smart Hub Labs is a custom interface and analytics solution built on a core computerized maintenance system that has been specifically tailored to the management needs of regulated labs.



Smart Hub Labs empowers the Lab Director to be able to answer the questions: “Who has what equipment?”, “Where is my equipment located?”, and “What’s the status of my equipment? Is my equipment in-use every day or is it retired?”

  • By extending the use of Smart Hub Labs to partner labs in a Consortium and implementing asset data sharing in the MOU for the group, surge capacity is immediately known and can be leveraged quickly when needed.
  • Smart Hub Labs raises documentation visibility above operational silos and allows visibility across the entire Enterprise.
  • Smart Hub Labs will provide public health labs an easier instrument reporting tool to share information across consortiums of labs and with the CDC.
  • Smart Hub Labs serves single-location labs, but is also well-suited for multi-site lab systems, where in addition to maximizing operational efficiency and regulatory compliance within the lab, they also need to communicate capacity and instrumentation availability to regional and national corporate partners.


Getting the most out of laboratory equipment is of paramount importance.

  • Smart Hub Labs will quickly pay for itself, through cost savings on resources currently devoted to inefficient asset management activities.
  • Laboratory operational resilience will be improved using Smart Hub Labs. Including Smart Hub Labs in your COOP, ensures your critical equipment list will always be current and correct.
  • Smart Hub Labs will enable streamlined operations and expanded services without increasing overall operating budget.

Behavior and Resource Management

We understand how important resource management is to your bottom line.

  • Using Smart Hub Labs allows you to implement and enforce change to your equipment management program, which will reduce service calls and the impact to your equipment aggregator rates through cost reductions.
  • We identify process deficiencies – employees who do not record the minimum information on equipment when assigned to a bench. Smart Hub Labs provides a Scorecard that indicates these behaviors as well as instrument assignments and what department or location the equipment or instruments are located in. The report puts consistent offenders at the top and better documenters at the bottom, providing the percentage of those who need improvement and those who don’t. This creates a baseline metric to show improvement over time.

Full Service Configuration Services

Exactly what makes the Gauge-JMC Partnership stand out from our competitors?

  • JMC is uniquely positioned to wrap implementation and support services around Gauge core Smart Hub Labs software to deliver an integrated and innovative smart laboratory solution to asset management.
  • It’s our commitment to providing affordable service and a greater level of support to you. JMC has our own experienced public health professionals available to you at your lab, and on-call, ready to provide help when you need it.
  • Allowing JMC to configure and support your asset management solution frees you from dedicating a resource to perform the job and, therefore, keeps you focused on your laboratory operations. Additionally, we ensure all our work is done right the first time.
  • JMC understands your unique laboratory, so in addition to inventorying and populating Smart Hub Labs with your equipment, we will provide valuable solutions that work for you.


Smart Hub Labs will save resources through optimal management of assets. Even when using a maintenance contract aggregator, keeping up with equipment performance/maintenance schedules and due dates is an ongoing need.

  • Having Smart Hub Labs in place allows you to schedule maintenance when it’s due rather than guessing or taking a chance that critical equipment malfunctions because it has not been serviced.
  • Smart Hub Labs ensures that you do not lose equipment to improper maintenance, saving you potential lost productivity in the lab as well as the cost to replace equipment.
  • The integrated work order management system provides a schedule for maintenance and allows reposting of documents, scanning flexibility and a list of upcoming services needed and work orders.
  • Reports are available at the click of a button, providing a complete inventory report for all lab sites. Reports include maintenance, calibration and warranty renewal schedules.


Let’s Get Started!

The new J Michael Consulting (JMC) partnership with Gauge allows for rapid deployment of Smart Hub Labs with a predictable timeline by people with deep laboratory knowledge.  JMC will configure Smart Hub Labs to customize a solution for your Lab’s needs. Transitioning from an Excel or Access database is straightforward and JMC will help you every step of the way. Once you are live, we think you’ll stick with Smart Hub Labs forever.  But if you ever change your mind you will not be locked in to this system, you can export your entire database at any time.

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