Los Angeles County Laboratory LIMS Assessment

By August 17, 2016 On the Road, Partnering Up
LA County_2016

Robert Ota (LA County), John Padgett (Breckenridge), Dr. Nicole Green (LA County) and Dr. Mary Kate Yost-Daljev (JMC)

Recently, JMC partnered with APHL  (www.aphl.org) and Breckenridge and Associates (www.breckenridge-llc.com) to perform a LIMS assessment at the Los Angeles County Public Health Laboratory.  We spent two and a half days meeting with scientist, management, and IT staff learning about their processes and services they provide to the county of Los Angeles.   We will continue to work with the laboratory over the next few months to determine the best path forward for the laboratory with regard to their LIMS.

We would like to offer our particular thanks to Dr. Nicole Green and Robert Ota who dedicated a large amount of time to our effort, and all the staff of the LA County Laboratory who provided their insight and experience to assist us.