Laboratory LOINC Conference

By December 22, 2017 December 23rd, 2017 On the Road

Learning from the LOINC experts at Regenstrief was one of the biggest highlights of the conference!

In early December, JMC consultant Natalie Raketich attended the Winter 2017 Laboratory LOINC Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana at the Regenstrief Institute. The first day of this 2-day conference focused on workshops, while the second day consisted of the Laboratory Committee Meeting. Attendees included representatives from national reference laboratories and health systems, terminology and health information exchange consultants, and others in the laboratory community.
LOINC, which stands for Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes, is a terminology standard used for electronic data exchange that is utilized in 170 countries by reference labs, healthcare organizations, government agencies, and more. Daniel Vreeman, Director of LOINC and Health Data Standards at th

Natalie happy as a pig in mud!

e Regenstrief Center for Biomedical Informatics, provided opening remarks and a presentation about using LOINC with HL7 FHIR. The workshop included sessions for beginners, advanced LOINCers, and an all-day mapping lab. Natalie attended sessions related to LOINC Accessory Files, Panels & Orders, Microbiology IVD Mapping, and Submissions for Beginners.
Ever notice that LOINC sounds like oink? LOINC has adopted a pig mascot (try clicking through the pigs on the pig mascot page), and there were many pig related items around Regenstrief. Natalie’s favorite animal is the pig, so she was as happy as a pig in mud seeing them around the building.
Learning from the LOINC experts at Regenstrief, hearing about current projects, and discussing the future of the Standard were the biggest highlights of the conference. Natalie is thankful for the opportunity to attend, and is excited to take back the things she learned to the JMC team!