JMC is now Available via GSA

By May 22, 2017 Partnering Up

Government agencies at the State and Federal level can now order JMC’s project management and public health informatics services through GSA Schedule 70!

What is GSA?

JMC is authorized to perform services under GSA Schedule 70, SIN 132 50 (Computer Training), SIN 132 51 (IT Professional Services), and SIN 132 56 (Health IT Services).

The United States General Services Administration (GSA) is a federal agency that provides centralized procurement for the federal government. The GSA negotiates rates and services with private vendors and contractors to offer billions of dollars’ worth of products, services, and facilities that federal agencies need to serve the public. The GSA administers schedules which can be thought of as pre-negotiated contracts. Government agencies interested in procuring goods and services may do so with the GSA understanding that the GSA has already ensured the legal obligations have been met and negotiated the best price. The GSA improves efficiency in government procurement by providing a “one-stop-shop” for procurement and reducing the bureaucracy associated with each individual purchase.

GSA Schedule 70

The services available under GSA are divided into multiple schedules. GSA schedule 70 offers goods and services specific to information technology. These services are further divided by the GSA into Special Item Numbers (SINs) that describe particular categories of work based on industry needs. JMC is authorized to perform services under GSA Schedule 70, SIN 132 50 (Computer Training), SIN 132 51 (IT Professional Services), and SIN 132 56 (Health IT Services).

SIN 132 56 Health IT Services

The new Health IT SIN offers many advantages to JMC customers

JMC is one of the limited vendors that GSA has authorized to provide services under the new SIN created for Health IT Services. Services offered under SIN 132 56 encompass:

  1. Connected Health
  2. Innovative Health IT solutions
  3. Electronic Medical Records
  4. Health Informatics
  5. Health Information Exchange
  6. Emerging Health IT research
  7. Health Analytics
  8. Personal health information management
  9. Other Health IT Services

Government clients can contract with JMC under SIN 132 56 on any public health informatics project, including LIMS implementations, Electronic Laboratory Reporting (ELR), disease surveillance, data exchange and electronic messaging, etc.

This new SIN offers many benefits to government agencies seeking Health IT Services.

Benefits to agencies ordering goods and services with GSA

What are the benefits of using GSA?

Purchasing JMC services through GSA Schedule 70 offers government agencies a number of advantages.  Clients can benefit from the time and cost savings, ease of use and a faster approval process.

Who is eligible?

All Federal agencies, including those that are located within the Department of Health and Human Services, are eligible to purchase services through GSA. State, local, and tribal government agencies can also take advantage of GSA through the cooperative purchasing program.

How do I use GSA?

Government agencies can order services directly from the GSA online ordering systems, eBuy  or GSAAdvantage!® . Clients can browse from lists of preapproved rates and services or release an RFI or RFQ to qualified vendors on the eLibrary. JMC rates and a full listing of offerings can be found on our Government page.