JMC awarded CDC Flulims Subcontract

By December 28, 2016 Partnering Up

J Michael Consulting has been awarded a subcontract from prime contractor CSRA to provide informatics support to the CDC in the ongoing development, modernization and enhancement of the Flulims System.   As the incumbent contractors, the team will also be providing services for the operation and maintenance of the current system.  The services provided under this contract will support the Influenza Division in meeting these five key objectives:

  • Provide advanced analytical tools and processes to facilitate virus and sera characterization and reporting efforts
  • Coordinate response efforts and surveillance activities to support pre-pandemic preparedness
  • Enhance laboratory safety and quality assurance activities
  • Improve the testing performance and capabilities of surveillance laboratory partners
  • Enhance methods to rapidly obtain, integrate, analyze and disseminate surveillance datapress-release-quote

The CSRA and JMC team have also subcontracted with Yahara Software to provide the personnel and services necessary to manage this project. 

“CDC plays a critical role in the domestic and global control of influenza. We are proud to team with CSRA and Yahara Software to develop and support the laboratory systems that manage the information to support this effort,” said Jon Lipsky, CEO of J Michael Consulting.

The CDC Influenza Division laboratory performs molecular diagnostics and next generation sequencing as well as other methods that contribute to international influenza surveillance efforts.  The results of these efforts are used to characterize and select influenza strains appropriate for yearly human vaccination. Division activities also assist in developing influenza diagnostic kits used by first responders to identify influenza viruses within the United States and abroad.  By providing services for operations and maintenance (O&M) as well as development, modernization and enhancement (DME) for the FluLIMS system, the CSRA- JMC team will support multiple influenza divisions as well as these broader surveillance goals.