JMC attends Orchard LIS certification course

By August 3, 2017 On the Road

JMC sent their newest consultant, Tina Hardin, to the headquarters of Orchard LIS software in Carmel Indiana where she received formal training on Orchard’s Copia and Harvest modules. Tina was joined by other Orchard clients across the US, including Bernadette Matthis (Philadelphia DOH Lab Information Systems Administrator). JMC will be providing support to the Philadelphia DOH during their Orchard implementation. 

Orchard Trainers understood the importance of creating an exciting learning environment. During the Harvest session, students participated in a nail-biting game of BINGO and PLINKO!

During the Copia system administrator session, Orchard trainers presented the students with organized lecture material explaining the concepts behind Copia’s architecture and the customizable features within the Copia system. Each lesson block ended with interactive assignments on a Copia demo environment. The class learned that the Copia unit is Orchard’s web based laboratory outreach and integration system. It functions as a centralized hub, offering remote access for order entry and result delivery as well as interfacing between the

Group dinners provided students with the opportunity to network with their peers.

Orchard Harvest Lab module and other applications including the client EHR. The Copia system can be configured for different practices, locations, and users depending on the client’s workflows and needs. Copia provides a variety of executable functions including lab order entry, result reporting, insurance configuration, and customizable administration reports. Another great feature is the ability to view, edit, and resubmit HL7 messages directly from the interface monitor housed within Copia.
The Harvest LIS system administrator session had a similar structure, with a focus on building laboratory related tables within the Harvest LIS module. Students were presented with detailed lecture material and asked to perform interactive exercises within the Harvest demo application installed on the student computers. After building tables and rules, the class learned how to navigate as an end user within the Harvest demo application. Students were asked to perform exercises that involved placing and releasing orders, reviewing and approving results, building and scheduling quality control, and viewing customizable administrative reports within Harvest.
Orchard’s training program consisted of a rigorous curriculum and timeline during core hours. However, Orchard rewarded their students at the end of the day by treating them to dinner, which provided them an opportunity to network with their peers.